Employee Benefit, Compensation, Salary Survey July 4th, 2020  

International Human Resources Management

International HQ
P.O. Box 909
St. Petersburg, FL 33731-0909

For general requests and information, e-mail to: info@erlimited.com


General Management Marketing and Sales
CEO / President Subsidiary / Autonomous Division Second Level Sales Management
Chief Operating Officer Third Level Sales Management ( Non-selling)
Division Senior Executive Third Level Sales Management (Selling)
Plant Manager Fourth Level Sales Management (Non-Selling)
Senior Executive Vice President International Sales Supervisor
Senior Operations Country Sales Representative-Entry
Senior Operations Region Sales Representative-Intermediate
Senior Operations Division Senior Sales Representative
Strategic Business Unit Manager Branch Account Manager
Account Supervisor
Finance and Administration Telesales Manager
Senior Administration Telesales Representative
Senior Financial / CFO Senior Telesales Representative
Controller Functional Senior Telemarketing Representative
Controller Division
Treasurer Systems Engineering & Related
Tax Senior Engineering
Planning / Business Development Second Level Engineering
Legal counsel General Third Level Engineering
Associate Legal Counsel Senior Engineering Country
Communications Senior Engineering - Region
Facilities / Real Estate Second Level Engineering Country
Senior Human Resources Country Second Level Engineering Region
Senior Human Resources Region Senior Research & Development
Human Resources Manager Functional Specialty Second Level Research & Development
Senior Information Systems Senior Member of Technical Staff
Second Level Information Systems Product Applications Manager
Computer Operations Product Applications Engineer (1-5)
Systems and Programming Senior Systems Engineering Supervisor
Traffic / Transportation Manager Systems Engineering Supervisor
Distribution Manager Systems Engineer (1-5)
Programmer Analyst (1-5)
Manufacturing Business Systems Analyst (1-5)
Senior Manufacturing Professional Consultant (1-5)
Manufacturing Engineer Software Engineer (1-5)
Test Engineering Software Installations Manager (1-3)
Senior Quality Assurance Systems Programmer (1-5)
Materials Quality Assurance Supervisor
Procurement Software Quality Assurance Engineer (1-5)
Applications Program Manager (1-5)
Marketing and Sales Professional Service Consulting Manager (1-5)
Senior Marketing and Sales Country Information Systems Manager (1-5)
Senior Marketing and Sales Region Database Administration (1-5)
Senior Marketing Country Database Analyst
Senior Level Marketing Field Service Engineer (1-5)
Third Level Marketing Field Services Supervisor (1-5)
Alliance / Partnership Facilities Engineer
Marketing Communications Process Engineer (1-5)
Senior Service and Support
Senior Systems / Applications Engineering Levels of positions available()
Technical Support
Customer Service
Professional Services
Second Level Professional Service
Senior Sales Country
Senior Sales Region
National Sales Manager
Senior International Sales

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