Total Remuneration Survey July 4th, 2020  

International Human Resources Management

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Global Remuneration

Executive Resources Limited, provides a full slate of services to support your international human resource needs, including a comprehensive set of survey resources and consulting services. Our state-of-the-art Global Payment Service Bureau, provides payment solutions, including such leading edge technologies as MicroCash ATM Cards, Web based expense reporting and reimbursement, as well as International wire transfer and direct deposit services.

International Total Remuneration Survey

Consulting Services

Performance management, strategy/pay analysis, reward systems

Cash Plan Design and Implementation
Development of salary methodology and structure with operating support

Competitive Practice Analysis
Review of any human resources plan, policy, or practice

Employee Benefit Plan Design
Benchmarking and structure counseling

Tax Avoidance Strategy
Advice and counsel for tax effective delivery of cash and allowances

Expatriate Package Structuring
Formulating the best practice for the delivery of cash- and non-cash pay

Human Resource Consulting Services


Survey Resources

League surveys and comparisons by nationality by location for all forms of cash and non-cash pay.

Local Nationals
Surveys of all forms of pay by industry sector for 125 countries including USA

Executive and Directors
Top executive surveys by sector by country

Performance Incentives
Cash pay outs and targets by job family or sector

Professional Services
Surveys for structural and at-risk pay

Merit and CPI
Actual and projected merit awards for over 125 countries (including CPI)

Labor Union Pay Rates
Skilled and semi-skilled pay rates by country by sector

Area Wage Rate Differentials
Pay rates by position level, job family and area

Global Automobile Standards
By level on the basis of all recognized job evaluation methodologies

Stock Plans
The structure of current plans with statutory requirements by country

Non-statutory plans and pay elements by level by country

Housing Differentials
Reports and comparisons of point-to-point costs for rental and purchase


Executive Resources Limited is offering a "turn key" service to organizations, who require professional services for outsourcing the various elements of expatriate administration. The service is all-inclusive in that all aspects of relocation, payroll delivery, tax (US and foreign) insurance, and remuneration package development and administration are provided. For a reasonable initiation charge and a monthly service charge ranging from $400 to $1,500 (excluding direct reimbursements) ERL will provide a practical business solution for expatriates assigned abroad. A list of basic services follows:

International Assignment Budgeting
  • Assignment cost estimate preparation- all components of assignment.
Assignment Preparation
  • Assignment policy briefing.
  • Predeparture counseling and finalizing specific individual elements of the remuneration package and reimbursed expenses.
  • Visa documentation preparation- work and resident, as required.
  • Tax and Payroll briefing- establishment of international banking process.
  • Prepare departure time-line.
Remuneration Package
  • Calculate compensation and employee benefits package.
  • Offer letter preparation and explanation.
  • Enroll employee and family in the standard insured plans provided by the contractor.
  • Revise worksheet or package, as required.
  • Social Security briefing and totalization coordination.
  • Explain tax equalization.
  • Establish banking and pay delivery mechanism(s).
Moving and Relocation (Home Country)
  • Schedule household effects and air shipment (partial shipment).
  • Arrange disposition of real property or provide property management (additional fee).
Moving and Relocation (Host Country)
  • Arrange temporary living at destination (additional fee).
  • Provide destination services to include: meeting services, community familiarization, introductions, homefinding, lease finalization, furniture delivery or rental, organize utilities, school selection or registration, driver training or license, language lesson scheduling, insurance (property casualty), and other registration, as required (additional fee).
International Payroll and Expense Reimbursement
  • Initiate payroll.
  • Organize salary, allowance differential, assignment expense reimbursements, and vendor payments.
Tax Reporting and Compliance
  • Record and report all expenses reimbursed to expatriate (pay related).
  • Collect and report all pay related elements to tax preparers.
  • Provide tax preparation (additional fee)
General Reporting and Employee Inquiries
  • Respond to payroll inquiries, benefits questions, policy interpretations, expense questions, vendor problems, and general questions by employees and client.

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