Expatriate Employee Compensation Services July 4th, 2020  

International Human Resources Management

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Expatriate Services

Our consultants understand the corporate structure, the complexities of today's global market, the need for good data, training and employee case management.

We write policies, develop the work plans, and insure the success of your International employee deployment by helping you develop a flexible, but strong plan of action for your International Assignment and Transfers.

Our International Payment Service Bureau, can handle all related expatriate payments, including salaries and expense reimbursements.

Expatriate Employee Benefit & Compensation Services

Data Reporting

Country Intelligence
Information on living and working abroad for 180 countries

Security Assessments
Risk and personal security around the world

Member Policy Survey
Annual survey of expatriate policy, practice, trends

Cost-of-living, housing, location, and educational by city or country

Tax, Social Security, Labor Law
Information by country with tax tables, rates and legal requirements

Comprehensive publications and research on all aspects of housing from current market costs to legal aspects of leases


Program Management

Policy Development
Benchmarking, surveying, drafting and publication

Pay Package
Balance Sheet Calculations

Transportation of household effects, cross cultural counseling, home finding and settling in for over 150 countries.

Leased Cars
Preferred corporate rates, lease negotiations and insurance in over 100 countries.

Employee Benefits
Life, health, disability expatriate policies. Multi-national pooling.

Shadow Payrolls
Local payroll statutory compliance for bona fide offshore pay delivery

Contracting-out any tactical aspect of the expatriate administration process

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