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International Human Resources Management

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Salary Survey Data and Expatriate Support Provided By ERL

ERL started in 1998 by providing data collecting support for salary survey companies. The company had many global clients and grew rapidly as it provided both domestic and international compensation data. ERL also regularly provides highly customized, “club”, surveys for various organizations both domestically and internationally. Many Fortune 500 companies, Big-4 accounting firms, and global HR consulting firms have come to rely on ERL for critical data.

As the company evolved we began to support many of our client’s expatriate employees during their international assignments. ERL developed a comprehensive payment processing system that supported both its company clients and their expatriate employees. A suite of many different types of products was developed that would support expatriates, from insurance products to shopping services. To this day, we have some of the best and most unique products available.

ERL never stops looking for new ways to serve our clients, both at the company and individual level. Among other products, we are currently developing state-of-the-art recruiting applications that utilize social media. We are also in the process of rolling out more services to individual employees. These products were previously only available to our large corporate clients and their employees. Soon individuals will be able to access both salary survey data and many great products offered by companies that we recommend.

We are a relatively small firm, but we have very large resources and expertise to serve our client needs worldwide. Being a small firm allows us to respond to your needs quickly and in a personal manner. You will also find that our fee structure is considerably less than the larger firms that we compete against. We offer our personalized service to a diverse client base, which includes Fortune 500 companies, Big 4 accounting firms and many small to medium sized businesses.

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